Keystone Bridge Capital, LLC is an affiliate of Keystone National Group, LLC , an SEC registered investment adviser and private investment firm founded in 2006 focused on private credit investments, and the Keystone Real Estate Income Trust, LLC (“KREIT”), a privately capitalized fund investing in first lien, senior-secured bridge loans on commercial real estate nationwide. KREIT is an unlevered direct balance sheet lender for real estate transactions that require dynamic and flexible capital.

KBC works directly with brokers and property owners to source high quality, institutional-grade multifamily, industrial, office, retail, and other mixed-use real estate collateral for investment by KREIT. KBC endeavors to forge long-lasting relationships with its vast network of brokers and borrowers to enable a win-win for all parties for not one deal, but many. Thus, KBC will always protect brokers and their networks.

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All investments identified by KBC are recommended for investment by KREIT (California Lender’s License #60DBO 97251), which retains discretion to participate or not in any particular investment based on the merits, terms and conditions thereof. This summary is for discussion purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell any security or other solicitation in any jurisdiction to any person or entity. This summary does not contain a complete description of all of the terms of investment by KREIT. All final terms and conditions will be set forth in the applicable legal documentation, and prospective borrowers are advised to review such documentation with counsel prior to the closing of any investment transaction.

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